Come for the soup,
stay for the music!

Most people love to eat good food. And most people love to listen to good music. It's when these two interests are combined that something really special begins! Maybe a toe starts tapping and a finger starts patting and before you know it, hands start clapping! Suddenly, warm feelings of joy have evolved and you are in a happy being at the Empty Bowls Project with friends and family!

Since the Empty Bowls Project began, quite a few local musicians have offered their talents to this magical fundraiser. From Western swing music by Alex Dormont to beautiful Def Leppard renditions by Chad and Natasha Hudson or blue grass/country music from Billy Garza and the Ramblers to the folk-rock sounds of Bonfire Choir, patrons of the Empty Bowls Project have enjoyed many different styles of music. In the early years of the project, we listened to talented musicians such as Sam Shepherd, David Perkoff, Nick Lochman and the Crystal Creek Boys, the Mighty Mud Daubers and Fire in the Pines! In more recent days, we have been entertained by our own KDRP DJ, Bill Paige, and most recently, the soothing sounds of Braydon Zink and Madison Rodges. We have been so blessed to have these musicians take the stage at the Empty Bowls Project!

Click the links below to hear more of the sounds of some of our many talented musicians!

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Alex Dormont


Braydon Zink

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Madison Rodges

The Hudsons

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